The ONLY class in the Los Angeles area teaching you how to overcome YOUR fear of flying!  

Many thousands of fearful flyers like you have attended the Cleared for Takeoff Classes over the last 31+ years at Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.


Now you can FINALLY do the same here in the Los Angeles Area!

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CFT 201

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  • 4 HOURS of Classroom Instruction at Air Hollywood

  • Proven FearlessFlight® Method & Tools

  • Be 100% prepared for all stages of your flight!

  • TSA, Gate, Boarding, Door closing, Turbulence, etc

  • Confidence that you can manage your anxiety

  • Recognize, Regulate & Replace your triggers

  • Confidence airplanes and flying are safe

  • 'Mock Flight' to prepare you step-by-step for flying


If you purchase the CFT201 Super Early Bird Special and complete both classes, including the flight, on the same day -- and are not 100% satisfied, FearlessFlight® will refund your CFT201 Class tuition. FearlessFlight® cannot refund the cost of your Southwest Airlines airfare.




  • Includes CFT301 Tuition ONLY!*

  • Pre-Flight Briefing

  • In-Flight Support

  • Post-Flight Debrief

  • Certificate of Completion



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  • Includes Bonus #1

  • Guarantees Long-Term Success

You are not alone!

"I took Capt Ron's 101 class and learned so much! I felt immediately more comfortable flying but still not fearless.


I took his 201 class and took advantage of the CFT 301 Flight Class Bonus.  It was the first time in a long time (11 years!) where I felt comfortable on a flight. I felt safe.


One of the best things is looking around the room and knowing we are all the same. Everyone in the class knows what it feels like to miss out on life & to feel  intense anxiety.


Take the class, you got nothing to lose & everything to gain."


Deborah Nardozzi

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As you know, the fear of flying is actually an anxiety disorder, or also often referred to as flight phobia.


A phobia is an intense fear that is out of proportion to the danger, which is particularly relevant to fear of flying.


Like most anxious fliers you probably know the statistics and most likely even agree that flying is safe.


Yet you have a have a hard time reconciling your very real fear with the facts about aviation safety statistics.


Although you know your phobia is not logical, you cannot “think” yourself out of it...

During the Cleared for Takeoff 101 Class I teach my students that overcoming your Fear of Flying is a Process.


32+ years of experience prove that you need to have a system you can follow step-by-step to guarantee your success in overcoming your fear of flying!


The Cleared for Takeoff 201 Class is the only Advanced Fear of Flying Class to give you the confidence flying is safe and the confidence you can manage your feelings!


This Class is where you will build YOUR own FearlessFlight® Plan!

What you need is...

  • You need the most effective Tools and Strategies

    You will learn exactly what thousands of formerly fearful flyers use EVERY DAY to  REGULATE and REPLACE their dreadful mental dialogue and anxious feelings!

  • You need a Proven System guaranteed to lead you to Success

    Knowing what to do is not enough - by the end of this class you will have the confidence and the skills to implement and overcome!

  • You need this class to finally build Your Personal FearlessFlight® Plan

    You will have the confidence that airplanes and flying is safe as well as the confidence that you can manage yourself and your anxiety like never before!

I hadn't flown in 28 years.

I found capt Ron and went to both classes.


I still can't believe how life-changing this has been for me. Have been flying ever since.


I missed many family functions before Capt Ron.

Thank you!

Barbara Stallings

Former Fearful Flyer

Capt Ron,

I miss you and your wonderful class.

I am very proud to say that I had a great flight just last month. I was by myself with my baby!!


I "channeled" you through it all and it was great!


Thank you and keep doing what you are doing!

Anna Rachel

Former Fearful Flyer

I was truly amazed at the amount of knowledge and confidence I gained in the CFT 201 class.


I also liked the idea of flying with Capt Ron and being able to ask questions while on the plane.


Jeremy Francis, TX

CFT 201

October 26, 2019

Only $397


2 payments of $199

  • 4 HOURS of Classroom Instruction

  • Proven FearlessFlight® Method & Tools

  • Be 100% prepared for all stages of your flight!

  • TSA, Gate, Boarding, Door closing, Turbulence

  • Confidence that you can manage your anxiety

  • Recognize, Regulate & Replace your triggers

  • Confidence airplanes and flying are safe

  • 'Mock Flight' to prepare you for flying

This class is designed to prepare you for the next logical step, getting on an airplaneand put into practice what you just learned.

This is why there is a Cleared for Takeoff 301 Flight Class scheduled right after this class.


Let me tell you, together with the Cleared for Takeoff 301 – The Flight Class, there simply is no better and faster way to overcome your fear of flying, anywhere in the country or the world. Period.


But of course you may be thinking that’s easy for you to say Capt Ron...


And after 31+ years of experience of helping thousands of fearful fliers just like yourself, I completely agree with you!

Don’t take my word for it...


Stephanie's flight to Fearlessness!

I have always been a nervous flyer. Most of my anxiety was associated with turbulence. At age 15 I flew through what turned out to be a very significant storm. People were panicking and a few passengers even required oxygen from tanks provided by the flight attendants. In short, I thought I was going to die that day.


Since then I avoided flying as much as possible and my  fear has only become worse. Even when just discussing the possibility of flying, I would feel this pit in my stomach, accompanied with terrible fear and dread. I even considered cancelling my own honeymoon.


That's when I started my research on the internet and found Capt Ron's FearlessFlight. I booked a free 15-Minute Coaching session and immediately knew that with his help and the support of his team, I could overcome my fear of flying.

I got myself Capt Ron's FearlessFlight Kit and started listening to it.


I wanted to visit my family back East as well as my in-laws, so I thought that attending the Cleared for Takeoff 201 Class in the morning and flying with Capt Ron and a group of like-minded people would be very beneficial for me.


And it truly was!


During class, something inside of me shifted and I now feel confident, and even excited, whenever I think about flying.


I am happy to say that my husband and I enjoyed a great honeymoon in Hawaii and that I did extremely well on my flights. I have my life back and my husband and I are planning a vacation to Europe sometime soon.


Thank you Capt Ron and thank you to the FearlessFlight Team who has worked so hard to create a wonderfully engaging, safe and supportive environment during the Cleared for Takeoff 201 and 301 classes. 


--Stephanie Reynolds


The Flight Class is designed as a practical next step to follow the Cleared for Takeoff 201 Classes.


Cleared for Takeoff 301 provides the opportunity to apply the tools and strategies that you learned in the Cleared for Takeoff 201.


Capt Ron and the FearlessFlight® Crew are experienced and dedicated to create a safe and supportive environment.


Together with other like-minded fearful flyers powerful and lasting positive experiences and memories are formed that will serve you well, when it is your time to fly by yourself, with family or work colleagues.


Changing the way you think about flying -- like improving your golf swing or tennis serve--is best facilitated by a little learning each day as opposed to a lot at one time.



Avoid disappointment!

Register now!

*Availability guaranteed until October 5, 23:59 Pacific or until class is full!

October 26, 2019

Only $397


2 payments of $199

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October 26, 2019

Only $397


2 payments of $199

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